Welcome to Luna’s Kitchen!

luna's kitchen

We are very glad to see you here! Get yourself comfortable and enjoy our blog! Here is few words about it.

Kitchen. This kitchen, where I write my posts, actually exists, and it is located in Ottawa, Canada. It is my favourite place in the house. I think it is because in my culture (I am from Russia) kitchen is very important. Kitchen is a place, where families get together to eat, to drink tea and to talk. It is also a place where our friends are visiting and where we have heart-to-heart talks with them till the middle of the night.

LunaLuna. At first, I was thinking kitchen is mine, but let’s be honest, it is totally belongs to Luna. She spends way more time there and controls everything. Luna is my cat. Just look at her – how anything in the house could belong to somebody else?

Be. Cook. Dream. These three things are very important for me, and they are so easy to forget about. Sometimes our lives are so busy, that we need to remind ourselves to be here, in present moment, and enjoy it. Cooking is another thing that we undeservingly try to skip, but it is a treasure and we can share it with friends or just indulge ourselves. Dreaming is another thing we almost stop doing. No, of course we are dreaming about weekends and new dress (or something like that), but what about dreaming big? Dreaming like we have no boundaries and we can do anything? It can give us inspiration and understanding of ourselves, so we can be the best person we could ever be.



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