Long time no post

Hello friends!

It has been really long time since my last post. So I just want to keep you updated with my cooking and food life. Since the last time we chat, I rediscovered healthy concepts of eating for myself. And I am really really excited to tell you about it.

real food

First of all, I need to tell you how I felt about “healthy” foods and way of eating beforehand. I bet, you will recognize yourself! I am a chef, so of course I thought that food can be either tasty or healthy, but never both. And that was the reason that I did not want to hear anything about healthy part, why would I? My job is to cook for people tasty, nourishing foods, but not what in my imagination people called “healthy”. Actually, it made me even sad, that I contribute in a way to people’s lack of health. How wrong I was!

Ok, ok, you probably want to know what I am talking about! I am talking about the book that I read a little over 2 months ago, and it totally change my way of understanding of healthy food. And I thought I am an expert, ha! The book is called Trim Healthy Mama. It is wrote by two lovely sisters, who did a tremendous amount of research and reading, to understand what is actually true in all information which is out there about food.

Yes, it talks about eliminating sugar and refined carbs from your diet. But it also suggests alternatives for that. In short – the concept of the book is meal planning based on glycemic index and separation fuels (carbs should be separate from fats).

At first, I was very sceptical. Using sweeteners? No way! Butter is good for me? Hm, I don’t know… Eat not counting calories? How in the world it could be good for my health? But I kept reading (yes, I am that kind of person!), and with all research they did, everything makes sense, and only thing I was mad about in the end that I did not know about it earlier!

I start following this way of eating on January 1st, and it was not for the sake of getting slimmer (my starting weight was 128 lbs). I feel great, I eat really well (and a lot!) and surprisingly, I discovered that my weight right now is 116 lbs. Not bad for a “diet” almost without restrictions!

So I hope that now that I have new passion for tweaking my recipes, I will keep this blog updated! Stay tuned!

And here is some food that I regularly eat and that are truly healthy.


(P.S. I am not affiliated by Trim Healthy Mama or endorsed by them in any way. Like with any new information, you need to decide for yourself if you are going to treat it seriously. It does not substitute doctor’s or nutritionist’s advice, I just state my opinion here)


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