Busy days and an experiment with pound cake

Happy Wednesday!

New semester just started, and it is not much time to cook something complicated.

But I still couldn’t resist when I had an idea to bake rose hip-lemon pound cake.  I modified my orange pound cake recipe and changed an icing. You can substitute rose hip syrup with any kind, for example, I am thinking about violet one…

rose hip-lemon pound cake


250 g butter (room temperature)
180 g sugar
4 eggs
1 tbsp lemon zest
250 g flour
1 tsp baking powder
50 g fresh lemon juice
50 ml rose hip syrup

For the icing mix half of egg white with 50 ml rose hip syrup; add icing sugar (I used approximately 200 g, until it reach desired thickness). Cover with wet paper towel and put in the fridge. This icing should be used the same day it is made.

Mix butter and sugar until it became white and fluffy, add eggs one by one, continue mixing. For this I use mixer with paddle attachment on low-medium speed. In separate bowl mix flour and baking powder, add it slowly to egg-butter mixture. Add lemon zest and juice, add syrup. Pour in buttered and floured pan (I used 19 cm pan and one smaller one just for tasting), put in preheated oven (335F) for about an hour.
When it is done, remove from the pan immediately, put on the rack to cool down.

Spread icing on the cake, let it set. Put the second layer. For drawing I used ziplock bag with small hole in the corner. 



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